Island City FC Invitational 5s

Tournament Rules

Rules and Guidelines

All games and matches played in the Island City FC Invitational 5s adhere to the following rules, as set out by the Tournament Committee.


General Rules

FIFA rules shall apply. Please also pay attention to the following rules, some being reinforcement of the regular rules, others being ruled specifically for this tournament.


Match Timing

• Match Duration is 16 minutes, no half times. Finals are played 20 minutes, no half times.

• Although a klaxon will sound for the start and finish of the game times, the referee’s whistle is the official start and finish of the matches. The match won’t stop until the ball leaves the field after the klaxon sound for the finish of the game. The only situation where a match will continue is if a penalty kick is awarded.

• If a team is not on the pitch within 3 minutes of the start of the game they forfeit the match with a 3-0 score line defeat.


Match Format

• Match teams will consist of 1 goalkeeper and 4 outfield players.

A maximum squad of 10 players is allowed.

Please note: A game will commence as long as a minimum of 3 players are on the field. Failure to field the minimum number of players will result in a 3–0 walkover being awarded.

• For all corners, kick-offs, goal kicks and keeper kicks etc, opposing players can be no closer than 3 metres from the ball being placed.

• No offsides in any age group.

• No shooting straight from the kick-off, the ball must be played to a player from the same team before a shooting opportunity can be taken.

• Throw ins will be taken in all matches if the ball crosses the sidelines, there will be no kick ins.

• No shooting straight from the kick-off.

• All fields have protective net from all sides plus “roof” (top net). In case of the ball touching the top net during the play time by one of the teams, a throw-in will be given to the opposition team.

• The keeper cannot control the ball with his hands from a back pass.

• For U7 and U9, goalkeepers can kick the ball from their hands. For U11 and U13 the goalkeeper can only throw the ball once it is in their hands. If the keepers from U11 and U13 kick the ball from their hands, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposition team at the edge of the keeper’s area.

• Keepers must be wearing a different colour jersey to outfield players. If your keeper does not have a different colour jersey, please approach any of the tournament staff and ask for a bib to be provided.

• First named team kick off, and in the event clashes of jersey colour, the second named team wear bibs.



• “Rolling substitutes” will be permitted in this tournament. All substitutions MUST be made from the halfway line and the new player cannot come onto the pitch until the previous player has left the field of play. The referees must be notified of any substitutions.


Yellow and Red Cards

• YELLOW CARD: If a player has been dismissed for yellow card offenses from a match, he needs to sit out from the game for 1 minute. The team manager may then put the same player back on the field, or replace them with a substitute player – only after the 1 minute ban has expired, upon the referee’s confirmation.

• RED CARD: If a player has been dismissed for red card offenses from a match by the referee he plays no further part in that game. Regardless of the rolling substitute rule a dismissed player is not allowed to participate further in the match, and the team whose player has been dismissed will have to play the remainder of the game with 1 player less. This Player will then be suspended for the whole duration of the next match that his/her team plays.


Tournament Points

• Group Stage points: 3 for win; 1 for draw; 0 for loss.

• Group Stage Tiebreakers:

1. Superior goal difference

2. Higher number of goals scored in the group matches played

3. Higher number of points in head to head match

4. Sudden death penalty kicks will take place between the 2 teams concerned

• In case of a draw game during the knockout stage, teams will move to the extra-time pitch and play 3 v 3 with a golden goal rule. If no goal is scored after one minute, match will move to 2 v 2. If no goal is scored after one minute, match will move to 1 v 1 until a goal is scored. If a player receives a red card during the 1 v 1 situation, the game is over and the win is awarded to the opposite team.



• U7 age group will play with a size 3 football; U9 and U11 age groups will play with a size 4 ball; U13 will play with a size 5 ball.


Equipment and Safety

• All players must be in the same kit (except goalkeeper), and wearing shin-pads is a must for all. If a player does not have a shin-pads on, he won’t be allowed to play.



• Only 1 official team coach will be permitted INSIDE the field of play during the duration of a match.

• Only Committee officials/Coaches/players will be allowed into the field of play at any time. The committee will also appoint an official photographer/s (who will be distinguished by wearing a coloured BIB), who will also be allowed to enter the
field of play.

• No protest shall be entertained as the decision of the referees and the technical committee is FINAL.

• The Organising Committee reserves the right to add, delete and/or vary the rules and regulations at any time as it deems fit.

• Any complaints must be made on the day to the organisers. Anyone complaining to referees or other team managers will be asked to leave and will not be invited back again. Mistakes will undoubtedly happen and we ask for your patience in all matters.



• Everybody enters the tournament at their own risk. The organiser cannot be held liable for any accidents or incidents throughout the entire tournament. We recommend that all teams take out their own insurance.


By order:
Organising Committee
Island City FC Invitational 5s